Haiti • Spring 2016 • Day Five

By God’s grace, we finished clinic strong in Williamson today!  We saw well over 35 patients, the medical team treated many illnesses, and the discipleship team shared the love of God with everyone who walked in the doors. Kim and I started our day with Peter (World Wide Village staff) and our good Haitian friend, Manez, who we have known since she accepted Christ 2 years ago.  The three of us met Wednesday and Thursday to Haiti_MarkJonestalk about Manez’s current living situation, which was not good.  She has been homeless, sleeping on the front porch of her aunt’s house, while her children have been sleeping on the floor of her mother’s 1-room house with the rest of their aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Manez was also seen in clinic by Dr. Matt yesterday, and we found out that she was very, very sick (severely anemic).  Kim, Peter, and I agreed that we needed to find a place for Manez and her daughters to live.  This morning we set out to do just that.  Manez led us to a house that she thought was up for rent, and was able to obtain the price of rent for the house, which was very reasonable.  Also, in an attempt to obtain sustainability for Manez and her family, we made a plan to help her start up a small business outside of her home, selling food and small houseware items for the community, which will hopefully result in enough money for her to pay rent and buy food for her kids.  With the help of Peter purchasing the items and helping teach her how to run a small business, we are very excited to see how she will do!  We continued to communicate to Manez about how we were able to bless her with these funds out of the abundance of what Christ has provided for our families.

Also, I had met a 19-year old girl (Danice) in clinic yesterday with autoimmune hair loss.  In talking with the girl, I discovered that Danice had recently accepted Christ as her savior, but was feeling a lot of shame and condemnation from others about her short, patchy hair.  I was able to encourage her with Bible verses, such as Psalm 34:5, “Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed,” and talked about how much she is loved by God.  Since she didn’t have a Bible of her own, I gave her one, and asked her if she would be open to reading some last night and meeting with me today.  She agreed, and I had her start with reading John 1 and 2.  I went over some simple bible study techniques, such as taking notes on what verses stood out to her, and what questions she had about the text.  I committed to doing the same last night.  Danice was faithful to confirm the loyalty we have come to know of the Haitians when she showed up at the door of the clinic to meet with me today.  Sonia (translator) and I met with her, answered many questions about grace verses works and the path to heaven, as well as how to approach nonbelievers to talk about her faith.  We continued to Haiti_Teammemberencourage her in her faith and talk about how she was made in God’s image.  Near the end of our time together, Sonia even gave Danice some homework (writing a “thankful” list of things God has done for her).  I added on for her to read all of Psalm 34 and to memorize verses 4 and 5.  Sonia has committed to returning to Williamson to meet with Danice next Thursday to follow up on her homework and continue studying with her.  Our team always says that we are trying to train up the Haitians to do what we do, so we can work ourselves out of our job—This is an awesome example of the Haitians stepping up to do just that! gals_HAITI

We are so thankful of all of the ways that God has shown up this week.  He is so faithful, and we want to give him all of the glory for the lives changed throughout the week.  Thank you all for following our journey!  Stay tuned for updates from our next trip in the first week of October 2016!  Just reply to this e-mail if you’re interested in joining us on our next trip!


Friday Men’s Conference

The men’s conference was hosted by Pastor Yves church in Williamson. About 35 thompson_HAITImen attended the conference.  Pastor Greg Gilbaugh taught on the broad theme of Christ as our warrior-king throughout the Bible. Greg then taught on what a warrior looks like in the Kingdom of God using Micah 6:8 as his teaching passage.  A soldier for Christ does justice, loves mercy and walks humbly with his God. Greg pointed out that this takes bravery to stand against culture in doing these things.

The message was received well by the men and we then had a question-and-answer session. The questions varied from final judgment to sanctification. The Iowa pastors were impressed by the Haitian men’s knowledge of the Bible. Please continue to pray for their unity.



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