Haiti • Spring 2016 • Day Four

Today was our day to take a break from clinic and do a few other important things, including rest! Our start was delayed a bit by some bus troubles, but we were shortly on our way. We first drove to Williamson and were able to drive up the new road to the City on a Hill project site (read more about this project on the Website for WorldWideVillage). We toured the future clinic site and vocational training site (this will also be used for our pastoral training sessions in the future).ride the bus

It was truly amazing to see how God has answered our many prayers for this project in the last 2-3 years. It was encouraging to have a foundation poured and first line of blocks to outline the clinic that we hope to be using in the next year or two to serve our Haitian brothers and sisters.

We also walked up the hill to the well that was dug earlier this year, the future site of the WWV guesthouse. We saw the chicken coop that WWV is using to try and benefit families economically too. The views are always amazing as we enjoy the breeze and it was great to see the joy and help that the well is bringing to the community. The well is being managed by the local Haitians to ensure that it is a sustainable source of water for the community.

I should also mention that we saw a man who Grace had been a part of the wedding we helped to arrange after his wife (then girlfriend) visited our clinic last March. Last year he was living with his girlfriend and was ashamed at his unemployment and inability to provide for his family. Today he was smiling as he worked on the WWV construction crew, married to his lovely wife, attending Pastor Joaissant’s church, and truly appeared to be a changed man for the better as a result of God’s grace. We were thankful that God has allowed us to be a part of his work in this man’s life- praise God!

After our time at City on a Hill we spent some time with the kids at the Williamson school and went on our prayer walk. We enjoyed getting to see and meet people in their homes and prayed with and shared the word with a number of people. I don’t have room to share all the stories from our walks, but please be praying for those who we interacted with that they would be encouraged to place their faith in the Lord and/or follow him more closely as a result of our conversations.


Ahh the Jellies!

water trampolineLastly, we spent an hour and a half at a local resort, Wahoo Bay, and enjoyed the sites of the ocean and a Coke while preparing ourselves for tomorrow’s clinic in Williamson. Please pray for God’s continued provision for our team- we can feel your prayers and love for the team!

Matt (for the team)


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