Haiti • Spring 2015 • Day Seven

Yesterday was our final day of clinic in Williamson, as well as our final full day in Haiti. Most of us felt fatigued at the beginning of the day, as we have had a busy week of medical clinics. But prior to leaving for clinic this morning, we asked God that in our weakness, He would become greater. And as He has every day here, God showed up again today. We saw more patients than we were expecting for our last day, and God again arranged divine appointments.

Haiti 7-1

One lady brought in her twin girls, who both had illnesses. She had just moved to Williamson, and had started going to church, because “everyone here goes to church.” She did not go to church prior to moving. We asked her in clinic if she was interested in learning more about Christ. She responded with, “No, I want to accept Christ.” And she did right there in clinic. When Jesus says in the Gospel of Luke, “the harvest is plentiful”, He was definitely right. As has been stated in previous blog posts, this is not the only example of God-sized things happening in Haiti. From the divine appointments that God has arranged this week, to the work He is doing in the lives of the Haitian pastors, there is no question that the gospel is spreading in Haiti. Our entire group is thankful that we were able to play a small role in this during our week here.


Last night in our devotional time, we all took a chance to discuss what our “next step” is when we go home, so that each of us can keep Christ,

Haiti 7-2

and disciple making as our sole focus. The main takeaway was the importance of su

rrounding ourselves with Biblical community and the importance of constantly meditating on God’s word.

Without this, we will tend to either try to do things under our own power, or the flame that has been ignited in our hearts will fade. Instead, our prayer is that this flame will be nurtured, and we will seek out the divine appointments that God is arranging in North Liberty, Iowa City, eastern Iowa, and beyond.


Haiti 10-3

As we prepare to leave Haiti, we ask for your prayers for safe travel. We also ask that you join us in continuing to pray for Worldwide Village and their mission in Haiti, the Haitian pastors and their discipleship groups, the people of Haiti and the spread of the gospel in Haiti, and our continued mission of disciple making at home. We thank you so much for your prayers throughout the week. We know that without it, much of what happened this week in Haiti would not have been possible.



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