Haiti • Spring 2015 • Day Six

Haiti 6-2What another amazing day in Haiti!  Today we were in Williamson for clinic and once again God was present in full force. A few of our stories included…

1)   A wedding- Dave, Chris, and Rick were involved with ministering to a woman who came for medical care. She had been living with her boyfriend for 8 years but had been deferring marriage for various reasons. Through an extended discussion and dispensation of soul care them men were able to talk with their pastor, the patient, and her boyfriend, and a wedding date has been set for next Friday! With so many examples of these type of relationships in Haiti we are praying that God will use this couple’s decision to follow God’s will for their relationship as a shining example to others in the community.

Haiti 6-10

2)   Perseverance and hope in suffering- a woman came to clinic for a rash and reported how she had watched two of her children die in the last 8 days. It was heartbreaking. Amidst that struggle, however, she praised God to us and professed her unyielding faith in Him and the joy that he still brought to her in her life. What a gracious woman and Godly example for our team. Please pray for God’s continued peace upon her.

3)   An aside- the worst case of bacterial conjunctivitis anyone on the medical team had ever seen- this woman had had this for 4 months! Please pray for healing for her as we follow up with her tomorrow

4)   A pastor’s conference- Jeff, Dave, and Paul were able to speak with a very curious, studious, and dedicated group of pastors that we have been working with.  They were able to take communion together and continue to work towards building up the local church. The way these men have come together to work over the last year has been amazing to watch. What a praise to God’s provision.

Haiti 6-1

5)   Appreciation and learning from the Haitian people- as Rick led devotional tonight we were able to reflect on the joy and encouragement that these amazingly welcoming people have given to us this week. Through their love for us- and the love that many of them have demonstrated for Christ- we know that we will return home encouraged and emboldened to love the way Christ has called us to.




Tomorrow is clinic in Williamson again on our last day. Please pray for us to finish our week strong in the power of Christ!

Haiti 6-5



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