Haiti • Spring 2015 • Day Five

After two days of clinic and outreach in Luly, we were off to Williamson this morning.

We hiked up the mountain above Pastor Joassaint’s church to survey the land where the clinic and guesthouse will one day be built.  We stood on the hill surveying the 6+acre parcel as the coastal breeze and Haitian sun made an amazing ocean view even better.  God has been gracious in so many ways this week, and as the details of the land acquisition were shared, the movement toward reality for The City on a Hill seemed a little overwhelming.  It’s great to see the progress as one year ago Pastor Joassaint’s new church frame did not exist, and the land for City on Hill had not yet been purchased.

Haiti 5-1

From there we headed off for a prayer walk through the dusty streets of the neighboring city of Luly.   The poverty is staggering here, but the people are really beautiful.

Haiti 5-7

We walk into neighborhoods and strike up a conversation with folks preparing food in the front yard among chickens and goats and lots of wonderful children.  They bring chairs out for us to sit and talk under the shade of a sparse tree as we share with a pastor who had attended the leadership conference the day before.  From there our team of five moved to the doorstep of a young man who wanted to embrace the gospel, but his family’s history of Voodoo was clearly making that difficult for him.  We left him with a prayer and a challenge to embrace a God that he described as righteous, and reject a belief he freely admitted was darkness.

Haiti 5-6Haiti 5-3

Then it was off to Wahoo Bay for a chance to recharge our batteries with a break along the coast for a couple of hours.  Some folks hit the water and a few people even jumped a small skiff out to the reef to snorkel.  Paul got stung by a jellyfish and Ben had to rescue him. J  Ninety minutes on a crazy crowded highway and we were back in Port Au Prince.  Two days of clinics in Williamson start tomorrow so please pray for our team.




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