Haiti • Spring 2015 • Day Three

Hello world!! This is Haiti Team Spring 2015 coming to you live and fresh off the mission field!

Today was a day full of interactions worth celebrating. We left around 8:00 AM this morning not sure of what God was exactly going to do, but by 5:00 PM, boy, were we pleased with how He worked through us. As we sat around the living room tonight talking about our highs and lows of the day, “divine orchestration” was a common theme. God was watching over us and working through us morning until evening in Luly. We had a few people come to Christ and numerous people had doors opened to the Gospel.


One example of God taking control of timing was when a man came into the clinic without a number, but with scrapes all over his face and arms. He had been drinking the night before and must have fallen over. Neither he nor we were planning for him to be there, but God knew what he needed. Like any other patient, the D-Team started with general questions, easing into what his spiritual life. When his group began talking to him about his church, he initially said that he attended regularly. As the conversation went on, his answer changed to him saying he just went every once and awhile… but then he decided to be completely honest and open up. He told the group that he never attends church, but wanted to know more about God. His lifestyle wasn’t as fulfilling as he told himself it was and he confessed that. While he wanted to stay, he was in a lot of pain. He told us he needed rest and left his number with us in case he didn’t show up tomorrow to talk more about Christ and what a relationship with God looks like. While this man was injured, God had a bigger plan for him by meeting us. We are hoping to see him tomorrow and that God will work in his life.


While there were many souls won, we ask for prayer.

Haiti 3-1

Pray that we will trust fully in God and not in our own understanding and that we will act on what God puts on hearts. While we are here for a Medical Trip, Spiritual growth and healing is most important. We will do our best to help their physical needs, but we also know that in heaven there will be no more sickness and no more pain.

There were so many encouraging stories, and we hope that we can affect so many more lives by sharing the love of God.



Thank you so much for your prayers regarding our efforts with the electronic medical record. We tried our mobile internet connection last night at the house and couldn’t get even one webpage to load at all. We went to bed deciding to put that in God’s hands and be satisfied no matter what today brought. Well what today brought was a full day of internet access with our EMR- praise God! There are still quite a few kinks to work out but we felt so blessed to be able to learn today in this regard. It will be a huge help to continuity going forward both medically and spiritually. We would covet ongoing prayers that this would continue to be a viable project for this week!



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