Haiti • Spring 2015 • Day One

Hello from Haiti!  We have had quite the exciting last 24 hours and we have so appreciated and benefited from your prayers already!  We met yesterday at 4:00 at Grace and found that the rental van we were planning to drive to Chicago had a very flat tire. Fortunately we were able to round up enough vehicles to drive to Chicago. That, however, was not the end of our trip adventures since Tarryl and Paul’s car ran out of gas just as they were getting off of I-88. This resulted in some pushing of the car but all was well and they were quickly back on the road and thankful to make it safe to Chicago.


This morning we were up very early and flew to Fort Lauderdale and then onto Haiti. After a pretty easy trip down we ran into a speed bump at the customs checkpoint. We immediately were taking into a back area and began to have our bags searched. It was admittedly hard not to be anxious at that point. Several of us made it through without incident and then watched on while a customs agent went through Rick’s bag and pulled out several large bottles of medicine and some skin creams. My first thought was “we’re in big trouble” and it seemed for that moment that there were 20 people madly praying that God would somehow provide us a way to move through without incident. Amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly) the woman put the medications back in the bag and we all went through. Praise God and thank you for your prayers- we all commented what a great demonstration of God’s provision it was that the woman inexplicably acted like she had no idea what she had in her hand! We arrived at the house a little after 5:00, got settled, ate dinner, and had worship and devotional time. Tomorrow we will go to church and tour downtown Port au Prince while getting logistics set up and be ready for our first day of clinic on Monday. Dave and Jeff will also be visiting a seminary in Port au Prince to see if there might be an opportunity to help with pastor’s training there.

Please continue to pray for our team- for health, peace, discernment, wisdom, and unity. Please also pray for the people we will be interacting with- that God would be preparing their hearts and giving us His words. We’ll be back with an update tomorrow- thank you so much!!



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